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Tax Law - NJTL - Federal plus New Jersey

Source: Slide Decks   •   NTTC Workbook   •   IRS Pub 4491   •   IRS Link & Learn

These decks cover Federal plus New Jersey Tax Law topics. (Tax-Aide only / NOT VITA)

Note: These decks use current year tax law and software (TY2018)

Mike Virgilio (Middlesex) has created a wonderful series of videos explaining the many special handling issues for NJ - click here

Federal Release Notes: Rel 1 Rel 2

Tax Law Deck Federal NJ
01 Introduction to Tax Law n/a
02 Introduction to TaxSlayer n/a
03 Course Introduction
04 Identity Theft n/a
05 Screening and Interviewing n/a
06 Quality Review n/a
07 Filing Basics
08 Filing Status
09 Dependents
10 Unique Filing Status n/a
11 Income Wages
12 Income Interest and Dividends
13 Income State Tax Refund
14 Income Alimony n/a
15 Income Business
16 Income Capital Gains and Losses n/a
17 Sale of Real Estate
18 Income Retirement
19 Income Rent and Royalty n/a
20 Income Schedule K-1 n/a
21 Income Unemployment Compensation
22 Income Social Security
23 Income Other
24 Income Other - Medicaid Waiver n/a
25 Income Form 1099-Misc n/a
26 Adjustments to Income n/a
27 Standard and QBI Deduction n/a
28 Itemized Deductions
29 Child and Dependent Care Credit
30 Education Benefits
31 Foreign Tax Credit n/a
32 Child Tax Credit Other Dep Credit n/a
33 Miscellaneous Credits n/a
34 Kiddie Tax and Other Taxes n/a
35 Payments
36 Earned Income Credit
37 Finishing the Return
38 Affordable Care Act n/a
39 Final Steps n/a
40 Amended and Prior Year Returns n/a
41 IRS Issued Identification Numbers n/a
42 Tax Law Changes n/a
43 Qualifying Child Charts n/a
44 Health Savings Accounts n/a
NJ Property Tax